Message from mushroom world to consumers of magic mushrooms.

The mushroom is a medicine, and one do not take medicine when one is not sick.
It is not a medicine for physical ailment, it does not treat headache or cancer.
It is a medicine in the sense of it being a solution or cure to particular needs.
The mushroom helps people to become aware of certain things, provide answers and understanding of that which they seek internally.
It is a medicine for only those who are seeking, for those who need answers.
It is not a party drug.
It is not entertainment.

Basically the mushroom is for a purpose, and if you are not taking it for that purpose, then don’t take it.

The mushroom world feels invaded and abused by people presently.
They say it’s like when you welcome someone to your house and they keep coming all the time. After several visits, they no longer have a purpose for visiting, but just to look into your house. And after many times of doing that, they will naturally get bored and start seeing and saying negative things about your house.

For the mushroom world, it’s like your house that once in a while someone pulls a curtain to look through at you, is now like a glass house with many people glued to every inch of that glass, just looking in at you.
It is creepy.

If you take magic mushrooms because you are bored, or just because you’ve taken it so much, it’s just something you do now, with no intention when taking it, then please don’t.

If people keep abusing the mushroom world, then that world will be shut off completely from the human world.

One Reply to “Message from mushroom world to consumers of magic mushrooms.”

  1. I’m glad to see the advocacy for psychedelics is increasing in the USA. I think the use of mushrooms and other agents can serve to open the heart and mind, thank you so much for the points you share in this post. Take care my friend.

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