About Me

My name is Judith Nuertekwor Nuertey. You can call me Tekwor. I am from Ghana🇬🇭. Ghana is a small peaceful country in West Africa.

I work presently as a Chinese teacher in a language institute in Ghana.

Chinese learning is surprisingly a lot easier than perceived and the best place to learn it of course is China. The grammar isn’t as complicated like French and the characters are just really interesting. If you’d like to learn Chinese, trust me you can do it and you will love it.🐲⛩️㊗️🇨🇳

I am a lover of freedom and believe in the equality of all things and groups.

My philosophy is do whatever you want so long as you are not causing harm to yourself or others either physically, mentally or emotionally.

I love nature and natural things. I feel connected to animals, especially cats. My family owns two cats, Alonte is 12 and Simba is almost 2.

I love reading, writing, exercising, gaming, watching TV shows and animations.

I believe perfect love is the solution to creating heaven on earth. I value peace, joy and love. ❤️✌🏾😃

My blog posts are usually about my learnings on spirituality and self discovery. To be ourselves, we need to first know who we truly are and to know the things that do matter in this life. Like love.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something helpful on here. I love you so much.🥰😍✌🏾❤️🌹

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