The False Self; EGO

We've all heard of the word ego and that it is bad. However I don't think we all really understand the ego or how destructive it can be. Ego means self. In psychology, it is the central part of the mind. The mind controls the body and every action, hence the ego controls us. Ego …


When I first learned the word xenophobia I understood it simply as a fear of foreigners. And a foreigner to my mind was the white man. So I perceived it as maybe a black person literally scared of whites or vice versa. And I have witnessed children in my vicinity cry at the sight of …


"She asked, can you swallow the sun? If you can't I will teach you how to" (excerpt from one of the poetry pieces displayed in the Ussher Fort) The Chalewote festival is a street arts and carnival infused with the Homowo celebrations of the people of Jamestown, British Accra. This year was another fun, colorful, …

Baseless Desires

Have you ever had a strong desire for something? When asked why exactly do you want that thing, are you able to come up with an answer? A desire with no reason, I call a baseless desire

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