Mindfulness of Association

Since I got exposed to hippies through American movies, I’ve always find myself attracted to such a lifestyle and at some point desired to live on a commune.
Fortunately I’ve grown to know that like all else, things are not always as clear as they seems and even the most carefree and loving of groups will still have some undesirable human traits among them, sometimes they have it more so than those outside of it.

The rise of spirituality and the present age of our reality has led to a reduction on the demonization of the occult and cults, which is awesome.

The same desire for spiritual connection has also led to the formation of more of such groups that can be tagged as a cult.
Many of us in the spirituality space now are looking for our ‘soul tribes’ and groups that we will fit with, mostly because those you knew before a spiritual ‘awakening’ will likely not understand or join you on your new journey.

If you are someone in such a situation currently, be mindful about new associations.

Welcome to Eden, this was not a voluntary cult btw, but you can see how manipulative individuals in what will appear to be a harmless spiritual group can influence others.

The book; THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS, the Netflix series; WELCOME TO EDEN, and the mention of QUIVER FULL in the documentary; OUR FATHER have taught me to be careful about a desire for a spiritual group.

I was disgusted at the manipulation being used as a guise for love and care in WELCOME TO EDEN. More so because I see how easily that can actually work on people. Especially now, when there’s so much encouragement to cut out people from our lives who don’t fit anymore or drain us.
While this is sometimes necessary, for someone else to use that and force people to see others in their lives as terrible horrible people that need to be cut off, so they can take over that role is majorly fucked up.
If someone is pushing you to admit to yourself that your mother does not love you, even when you don’t particularly think so, as a way of some form of therapy or ‘healing’, you should question their intentions.

In THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS, what seems like a harmless and sensible, humane and the spiritually right thing to do, in no time turned into a very very messed up situation.
If you believe materialism disconnects you from your spiritual self, by all means follow your belief, but let it be on your own terms.
Don’t let some random person come and convince you that it is wrong to even wear a shoe.

I’m aware of churches in Ghana that do not support the use of birth control for biblical reasons, but I’d never heard of QUIVER FULL till the documentary.
The OUR FATHER documentary did not conclude that Dr. Cline’s actions were because of the quiver full movement, but if you are of such mindset, just be sure to have children with your own partners, people aware that they are making a child with you.

cult (plural cults)

(chiefly, derogatory) A group, sect or movement following an unorthodox religious or philosophical system of beliefs, especially one in which members remove and exclude themselves from greater society, including family members not part of the cult, and show extreme devotion to a charismatic leader.

Above is a definition of a cult, and it’s not wrong to belong to one or anything, but when you are a part of a cult, just be aware that you are in one and it is absolutely what you want.

Many of the stories of cults I’ve come across, fictional or true, usually the people are not aware they are in one until it’s sometimes too late.
It’s easy to be aware of joining an already existing cult, can’t say the same for a now forming one.

If you like something already, a particular way of life or thought process and find others like you to bond with, that’s cool.
Do be mindful when things start to take a turn. If you start developing new mindsets (which happens as we grow) or start imitating other group members, just be mindful that it is what you at the moment fully find logical or believe in, and that it is healthy for you and others affected, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You may be in a cult if you and your group share same practices like what you eat or wear, and follow one viewpoint. Also, if your group’s viewpoint and practices is seens as odd by outside members.
Again there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in a cult(whether your group uses the tag or not), it is however important that you are aware you are in one, you understand and are aware of what the cult fully represent and that you are totally okay with that.

White for rituals is actually beautiful 😍

When you find your soul tribe, the people you call family and hang with mostly, it’s absolutely okay that you are not always doing the same things or having the same viewpoint on all topics, especially on the topics that supposedly binds you as a group.
It’s okay that someone is not vegan, or doesn’t keep their natural hair, or supports certain conservative views.

I like to be barefoot mostly, and totally dislike wigs. Yes if you ask me I will explain why I like to be barefoot in the house or out in the woods, and I will explain it in a way that I think is positive and a way that may convince you to try it too, I may even come across as it’s the right thing to do. I will be totally happy if you decide to keep locks.
Because I’m human and that’s what we do. When we like something we want others to support and like it too.
But no matter what I say or how much you like me, you should do absolutely what you want.
If by association I keep trying to get you to do things the way I do, maybe it will be best you cut me off.

In all just remember that people are very different, no matter how much we have in common we are bound to have some difference. Not all your spiritual friends may want to dress up in white or cover their hair for ritualistic activities.
So when you become aware that you are in a group doing the exact same things for whatever reason, just check that it’s absolutely what you want.

If you happen to be the ‘leader’, the one calling the shots in such a group, remember that you don’t have the absolute truth of the universe and that it really doesn’t matter much what people do or don’t do, and give space for individual freedom and preferences.

To all of us seeking for a group to call home, may we not fall victim to manipulative dictators with secret agendas. May we find groups that truly allows us to be free.

Peace, Love and Joy to all! 🥰❤️

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