Tolerantia is a short animation with a very simple message.

The animation started after the ice age. We see a man frozen in ice, and slowly the ice melts away.
This man (our man) is supposedly the last man on earth.

He then starts to build himself what I assume was a small house for his shelter, at the end he had built one of the wondrous pyramids πŸ˜‚.

Then he made a wooden frame on his pyramid (his house), a structure that allows the sun to be viewed through it, and he stands in front of it as if in worship. He has made his God.

At this point a neighbor is introduced into the animation. He has also built a pyramid exactly like the one our man has. One can assume this man went through the exact same process as our man from the start.

But there’s one single difference.
His wooden frame for viewing the sun was of a different shape.

He looked over at our man’s wooden frame for sun gazing and immediately got angry.

He picks a brick from his building and throws at our man, pointed it out to him that the means through which he views the sun is wrong.

Our man of course gets pissed at this. Who the hell is this man to tell him how to look at the sun. He also throws a brick back.

Soon the small conflict of opinions had turned into a war. They each had built weapons and throwing huge portions of their houses at each other. The throws upon impact breaks down portions of their buildings.
Finally their last throws kills both of them.

The animation ends with a sunset in the background.

This is how it is, isn’t it?

All these religions fighting over whose God is the true one when in truth, the fight is about how we view God.

As the two men in the animation fought themselves to their end, the sun still remained. It continued its business as usual, like it was oblivious to the actions of the two.

Thousands of years and no religious war has changed who “GOD” is. None has even been able to prove which team is right.

Probably from the beginning of time, and till present, most likely the future as well, and this battle continues.

Only if the second man could have just shook his head at our man, think him stupid and turned his head.

If we could just allow each other look at the sun whichever way we want to, and just be glad the sun shines at all.

So what if some don’t even want to look at the sun at all? Why look up at something that one is already very much aware of in it’s scorching and daylight?

All the fights of mankind starts with different views. Every single one of them.

This animation carries a simple truth, but as ours is not a simple world, even this we will share different views on. And it’s okay.

This is a YouTube link to the animation, it’s only 6mins long.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New YearπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€οΈ.

4 Replies to “Tolerantia”

  1. I know my life changed when I realized that all thoughts, beliefs, conclusions, futurization, conclusions, judgments, and opinions, aren’t actual or not “real.” This story makes a very specific point about belief systems, all beliefs are fine until we decide to act as if they are real. At that point we live in a hell of our own making. I am so passionate about talking about this, it may annoy others, but it’s the most useful perspective that has ever risen in my experience. Great post. May you be at peace with all that is, you are truly an amazing individual. Hugs and deep bows.

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