Shame On The Lovers of Baseless Rules

One of my favorites groups on facebook is the Dreadlocks group, especially for when I started my own locs. On that page we share news of people who had to stand up for their locs and won. Usually they are black boys being told by some white teacher to cut their locs. Then on that same page there’s constant message or threats around cultural appropriation. With blacks saying locs is black culture and whites can’t have it and the defense being Vikings.

There’s a case in Ghana now about a Rastafarian not being permitted into one of the prestigious senior high schools because he has dreadlocks. The principal is apparently feeling really pompous and vows to never let him in.
And the family is teaching their kid the need to stand up for what you represent and so they are suing👩🏿‍⚖️🥳.

I was trying to not get involved in this topic but I happen to catch the news yesterday and saw this news and it just broke my ‘trying’ lol.

What in fucks name has having locs got to do with education?
People are fighting over locs being african and we are in Africa and can’t have locs?
Someone has to sue in Africa to keep locs?

The interesting bit is that lots of people support the school.
Also realizing more and more now that when people don’t like something, they want everyone else not to like it as well. If I think locs is dirty, then you should too. It’s not a choice because I decide for you.
Why can I decide for you? Because you share space with me. Because we are community and you can’t be selfish? If you care about other people, then do what they want. Period.

When the news first broke out I did think that, well it’s their school and they have their rules, if you don’t like it, leave.
But here is the case where no public school in Ghana probably allows locs, because almost all schools in Ghana do not allow for students to keep or grow out their hair. It’s gotta be cut short and neat.
So if this student leaves then he has nowhere to go.

So we are basically saying, this intelligent boy should not have access to education because he allowed his hair to grow?

Yes there are rules and if you put yourself under a system with rules, then you should obey those rules. But the damn rules gotta make some damn sense.

Segregation was a rule. It’s my restaurant and I say no blacks, if you don’t like it go build your own restaurant. It’s our town and we the ‘superior’ says blacks get the back seats, so just follow it if you don’t want trouble.
We all agree now those were some stupid rules.

If you wanna oppose something that affects someone else it shouldn’t be because you hate it, or because oh everyone wants to do whatever the hell they want and your dictator rule loving ass can’t tolerate it.

You should analyze the situation, ask yourself what’s the effect of this on that? Does the locs affect this students ability to learn? Will his presence in the school somehow cause the school’s performance to drop? It’s not part of their prescribed uniform? Don’t they have students in said uniforms getting Fs every term? What’s important?

And since for some reason you feel yourself important to a case that has nothing to do with you whatsoever, ask yourself how does this affect me negatively?

Then ask yourself why whites that attend our senior high schools get to keep their hair whatever length they want it but we the citizens can’t.

This is sad because this is an institute of education. They are supposed to teach us to think and make conscious decisions. To teach us to find ourselves and stand proudly for who we are.
Yet this school sees and teaches its students that our natural kinky hair, that is easiest kept in locs form is unacceptable. What is acceptable is the White man’s definition of neat. Cut and unseen.
If not, why would this same school see white girls long hair as natural and so see no need to require them to cut it.
It can be argued that locs is not cultural and we as Ghanaians maybe never kept locs but we’ve all seen photos of our grandparents afros. Where did the association of unkempt and untidy to afros come from then?
‘Their’ hair is long because it’s not cut. If hair longer than 2 inches is not neat, then theirs isn’t neat either.

Wake the fuck up from this colonial bullshit. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz.

Kinky hair is beautiful. It deserves to grow to it’s fullest. The only reason why someone should cut their hair is because they choose to.

The hairstyle one keeps does not determine their attitude, their morality, their intelligence.

I keep locs and I am not a thief, and not a drug addict. And I dare say I am one of the brightest people I know🤪.

To all the booty licking hypocrites😁

I pray that the Rastafarians win the court case. Ashé🙏🏿

Peace, Love and Joy always ❤️✌🏿😍

PS: sorry but not sorry for language.

4 Replies to “Shame On The Lovers of Baseless Rules”

  1. The amazing arrogance of humankind. Education doesn’t exist in an artificial vacuum. The world is full of potential, why stop that? Byron Katie says something like, “There’s your business, my business and Gods business. Only one of those is my concern.” I like that. Take care of you my friend.

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