Life is A Building with Stairs and Elevators

This is an analogy to explain our journey through life. How we encounter others on our path, get sidetrack, make a return or completely ignore our purpose.

Imagine life as a tall building with several floors. Imagine this building is an office building, a place you go because you need their services or help.
And this building of course has stairs and elevators, how else do we go up tall buildings lol.

One day you visit this building, with a purpose. Going for a job interview, visiting a clinic on it, buying plane tickets, submitting an application, going to work, meeting a business partner, etc.

When you got there you have the option to use the stairs or the elevator. Let’s say you chose the elevator.

It’s possible when the elevator door opens someone or some people are already in it, or no one else is in it.
If you met people in it, you may interact with them or not. You may say hello and turn to your phone, or you may start up a conversation. You may even exchange contact and meet these people at a different time.

If you are in the elevator alone, it’s possible someone may join you before you get to your destination. And the above scenarios could happen. It’s also entirely possible you go up to your destination without meeting anyone else.

You may not look at the other persons in the elevator with you, and you may end up getting off at the same floor and even going to the exact same office. Sometimes they may even be the one you were looking for or going to meet. When you realize at the end that your purposes are the same or interrelated, you may now give each other chance to know each other.

As the elevator goes up, everyone gets off at their individual floors, and others who you did not start the journey with join in. Sometimes it may be the last time you see those who got off.

Other times, we may follow others off on their floors and not ours. Maybe because we developed a liking to them and want to know more. Maybe we realize we could use their help at that moment instead of the one we had in mind. Sometimes when we follow others off on their floors, it ends well. We realize this was the floor we were meant to be on after all.

But sometimes when we follow others, we end up not only being on the wrong floor, but we miss our opportunity that we came to this building seeking.

Let’s say you are going to an office on the 3rd floor. On the ground floor, you met a friend and you got in the elevator together. You were chatting with each other all the way and decided to run your errands together. You will go to the 2nd floor first for what your friend needs, and when they are done, you go to the 3rd floor for yours.
Their business took longer than expected, but you don’t want to leave them alone, besides you are enjoying the gossip. When they finally finished and you went to your floor, you are told the person you are after left not long ago, only if you had arrived some minutes earlier. You were already in the building then.

Sometimes while waiting for your friend you realize you could lose your thing if you don’t go now and so you tell them ,hey let me get on with my thing and we meet afterwards. Though you got sidetracked, you returned to your own floor.

Sometimes what you are individually doing ends at different times so you are unable to meet up and leave the building together like you wanted. Maybe one had to leave earlier due to an emergency, or another appointment they have elsewhere.

If you chose the stairs, you could go up without meeting anyone, you could totally ignore anyone you do meet or you meet someone with loads and decide to help them out. Your helping them could end well with you getting a reward you were not expecting. The help could cause a delay in your own journey but you still return to do your thing before it’s too late. Or it could be too late by the time you are done helping and return to yours.

When you get to your floor or destination having used the stairs, you’d likely meet people who used the elevator there as well. They may have arrived earlier than you. But may be waiting in line, and you join this queue, or you may even get attended to before them because of name order or a prebooked appointment time that puts you first.

Some people may want to return the next day to try and achieve what they were unable to the first day. Of course the whole journey from the ground floor starts all over again. Just that this time one can take the lessons from the previous day to limit mistakes.

Some people will say that’s that and not come back again.

Life is like this building, as we walk through it we meet different people and situations at various levels. Some are good for us, and some are not.
Sometimes we follow others wrongly, and sometimes what we believe to be wrong turns out to be the right one. Other times it is indeed very wrong and we realize it early or late.

Sometimes when we take different paths we still meet at the end, and other times our paths never cross. Sometimes though we start it together, we separate at some point and never meet again.

Most of the time we don’t know exactly how this journey is going to play out. We don’t know we are going to marry that person from the 5th floor, and we don’t know we will become the boss of the disrespectful receptionist.

However it plays out, at the end if our aim is achieved, we are happy. And if it’s not, we learn our lessons. And try again.

PS: this is a message brought into my awareness during meditation. I’ve decided to walk a path different from the norm or what’s acceptable around me. This is not an easy choice and so I keep receiving message from Spirit about different paths and the importance to walk one’s path. These messages are more for myself, to give me the needed strength to walk my path. Not to get others to understand or accept my choice, though that would be a great benefit.

Thank you all for reading and wishing you a happy, beautiful New Month. ♥️✌🏿🥰😍😘

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