Message from Spirit

I love the Adinkra oracle deck and I love the connection I have with it. I love that the Divine and my guides through the cards are able to communicate with me.

On the day I got the cards, after cleansing them with sage, doing first a one card pull, then flying out cards of spirit assuring me of their presence and support, I decided to have a reading with my own spread.
This spread is from a star formation I noticed when I went home on 1st January for the new year with my parents. There were seven stars in all.

I asked Spirit to just converse with me, as I was trying to bond with the cards and the message below came through.
It’s a beautiful message, and I got teary at some point while doing the reading.

So here goes:

First Position: Abɔdeɛ Santann (Creation)

The message on the card is awaken your inner knowing. The adinkra symbol is the all seeing eye of God, and the image is a pair of hands presenting the symbol with energy around it. Behind it is the galaxy, space. Abɔdeɛ Santann means creation happening at once, literally the big bang.
Message from this card is that everything happened in the beginning, it is all in the start and we need a look at that past history to be able to understand the now. The all seeing eye of God also sees all and hence knows all, we should go to God to get some answers regarding this past history. If you believe in the third eye, it won’t hurt to try and open yours.

Second position: Sankɔfa (Return for that which was left behind)

Message on the card is look back to move forward.
The message here is clear. In as much as living in the moment is important, we do need to know/understand the past to move on. It’s like when one goes to see a therapist to help them become better versions of their present self hence a better person tomorrow, usually a return to the past is called for.
Remember your return to the past is just to seek understanding, not to remain there. If you believe in past lives and got a past life reading that suggested you were a particular kind of person, doesn’t mean you have to be that person in this life.

3rd Position: Biribiara bɛyɛ yiɛ (all will be well)

Message on card is the literal meaning of the symbol. The image is a sunrise, which represents new starts or beginnings. Here the card is representing the beginning, so following the Sankɔfa card is saying a return to the beginning.


The general message for the first three cards is that all came into existence at once and so all that can be known is known in the beginning when it all started, we need to go back to the beginning to learn from there. Whatever belief one shares, whatever creation story you have, look at that beginning, what was the message? You can communicate personally with God for wisdom on this as well, ask God what are the important principles? What makes us us? What has religion covered or misrepresented?


4th Position: Duafe (wooden comb) in reverse

Message on card is the divine feminine. The card being reversed is telling us that there’s a blockage in our connection to the divine. The divine feminine, the moon, these are symbols for spirit, for heaven, the non physical. Above this card also in reverse is Mother earth in position 6.

5th Position: Nante Yie( go in peace) in reverse

Message on card is let go with love. Nante Yie is commonly said to a deceased loved one, to journey peacefully to the land of the dead. In reverse here the image is retracing back one’s steps. Beside it in reverse at position 7 is the destiny card. Also adding that people are walking on the wrong paths or the path of others.

6th Position: Asaase Yɛ Duru ( The earth is heavy) in reverse

Message on card is Mother Earth, sustainer of life.
This card represents mother earth, earth represents the physical world, same as the sun/masculine energy, where the heavens is spirit, the earth is body. This card in reverse can mean one is not grounded enough but the message that came through was the opposite. That’s spirit is what’s blocked. We are too focused on the physical and forgotten about the spirit.

7th Position: Nkrabea (Destiny) in reverse

Message on card is walk your path. In reverse the message is that most of us are currently going the wrong way. Walking on the wrong paths and opposite the direction we should be headed.

Interestingly this is a message that’s well preached in pretty much all religious and spiritual practices today. Just that whoever is preaching it believe the other to be the one on the wrong path. The message coming out through all areas though adds to the possible truth of it and the importance for us to address it.


From position 4 to 7, message is that we are going wayward, we need to retake our steps, reconnect with spirit. Remember that we are not just body, but spirit within a body. It’s as much essential to our wellbeing, our connection to spirit. We need to rediscover our individual paths, not simply follow others on theirs.


Bottom of Deck: Fihankra ( House)

Message on card, brotherhood/sisterhood.

The image is of different people bringing different ingredients to cook the perfect meal for all of them to eat. This card is unity in diversity. This is where I teared up when the impact of the message got to me(I did this reading before sharing about tarot on here).
We can’t all be walking the same path, we can’t all be bringing the same ingredient for the soup. If we all bring tomatoes, we only have tomatoes, not a yummy balanced meal. We need to understand this really well, that we cannot all be doing the same thing. And appreciate that our different actions and inputs is what’s actually needed for the end result we want, for what will benefit all of us.


We as a group, the human race have lost our way, we are copying blinding each other, not knowing our paths and our history. We need to go back to our beginning, look at our past, from the earliest period, what was there? Did you not read/hear that God talked to people on daily basis? Some could even see him?
Have you not heard that the heavens(spirit) and earth(body) used to be close together? A couple in many myths?
We are not only bodies, we are spirits as well.

Whatever you are into, whatever faith you share, find more about your history. About the history of mankind. This desire for a return to the roots or Spirit is naturally occurring now in many people. Whereas New Age forms of spirituality is the most seen, it’s happening in other beliefs too.
Christians are finding themselves interested in learning the Bible, understanding what it is they are into instead of just going to Church.
People are converting to Islam because they are studying more what the faith is really about.
Hindus are stressing on the right ancient practices and their significance, trying as best to prevent their tradition getting diluted and misinterpreted by modern seekers.
And those not spiritual, deals only with the physical and doing their best to see development happen are now more than ever encouraging a return to traditional practices, especially in Africa.

Let’s learn together what our history is. Let’s reconnect with our spiritual side. Let’s walk our own paths and acknowledge this is beneficial to us all.

Peace, love, joy always. 🥰❤️✌🏿😍

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    1. Yeah, Gye Nyame is one of the popular Adinkra, nice that you’ve got that😁. Yes you may share the message, do not tag me though. Promised my dad I won’t be sharing more on the subject of me doing such work on facebook due to the effect on them(my parents). But I’d definitely appreciate if the message could reach more people. Thank you so much. Appreciate you ❤️✌🏿.

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