I Read Tarot Now🔮👁️❤️🌟

You may have seen this coming. Not reading tarot in particular, but me pulling away from Christianity.

To my friends and family who are unaware of this change, I no longer ascribe as a Christian. This started pretty much right about the time I quit going to church, but when you are in a community like mine, it’s not the easiest to tell people you are neither a Christian nor a muslim.

When I went home on New Year’s day, my mom woke me up in the early mornings the next day for a conversation, it’s what she usually do for her serious conversations. She mentioned that both herself and my dad are seeing that I’m drifting apart from Christianity and it’s such a bother and worry for them. She asked me what my reasons were, and I tried my best to get her to understand how my path just lies elsewhere. She appeared to understand me in the moment but later still expresses dislike for the situation.

So yes my immediate family knows about this, me not being a Christian anymore, and recently about me reading tarot. No, they don’t approve or support it. But they are my family and they love me so they haven’t disowned me or stopped talking to me.

If you know me and my family, hence feel the need to question my family about my choices, please don’t. This is a very difficult moment on my family and myself and that extra pressure is not needed. Please just don’t do it 🙏🏿 .

I’m going with no labels now and not under any one particular religion or spiritual practice.
I stick to my truth that this is the path for me, a choice made with mind, soul, body, heart, spirit, all together in wholeheartedness.

That having been said, I read tarot/oracle cards now. I developed the interest in it December last year.
And just over the weekend received my very first oracle deck(I love🤩 it so much).

Why I started my post on tarot with the Christianity thing, because it’s one thing to tell people you don’t go to church, it’s another to start practicing spiritual work. People get more scared and worrier for you.

Yes tarot deals with spirits, yes tarot is not encouraged in the Bible, and lots of people do think it’s demonic.

Tarot to me is just another way we experience life, and based on our own nature can do good or evil with it.

Like a prayer warrior because they deal with spirits can see light and dark spirits, so can a tarotist experience encounters with both sides. And like how the prophet is protected from these evil spirits that seek out to hurt them through prayers and fasting, same way I can protect myself from harm.

I am not afraid of spirit. I have encountered spirits, communicated with them and I am drawn to the spiritual. I work directly with the Divine, aided along with support from ancestors and my spirit family.

It’s not easy for well-meanners to worry for a loved one they believe is going wrong, to believe they want what is best for the person more than the person does for themself.

So they may not understand fully concepts like different paths, and because we all believe what we know to be true is the only truth, we constantly worry and pity those ‘lost’ on so-called paths.

There is a beautiful card from my new oracle deck. The symbol is called Fihankra and it means house. The image is of hands of four people contributing different ingredients for the preparation of soup. A soup the entire household will consume.
This card teaches everyone doing their part and contributing their quota to community.
But the main lesson is that we all cannot bring the exact same ingredients. We all can’t do the exact same thing. It teaches unity in diversity. How the different parts add up to the perfect whole.
Sometimes we need to acknowledge difference, respect it and appreciate it.

When people come out to express their inner truths and live life how they want it, those who disagree only see selfishness, immaturity and lacking a sense of responsibility.
They do not see that it takes courage to come out with what one knows could easily get them shunned. Because we are social creatures that love to please to stay in the group, it takes guts to risk potentially being on your own.

I don’t have to follow the path of my family, friends or community, same way they don’t have to follow mine. Because we do need the difference to get the results we individually need to achieve to bring together in the universal pot. We need the different experiences to add up to the universal growth of our being.

Difference doesn’t mean separation. Sure we all prefer to hang with those that are similar to us, and that’s fine. But even when you look within that circle of similar members, you will find major diversities in the individuals.

It’s our setup, we were not created to be all the same. The creator didn’t split into billions of people/trillion beings to have us all do the same thing over and over.
What a boring experience that will be. What quick lessons we would have gathered by now.

So yes I’m reading tarot. And it’s only the beginning. I may call myself a tarotist, a spiritualist, a priestess, a psychic, a healer, a shaman, a teacher, etc. These are labels, the labels mean nothing in itself and I’m at the moment not qualified for these labels lol, but basically I’m saying these are the labels I will be wearing if I have to wear one. These are the roles I will be playing in this lifetime. These are the roles I acknowledge and willingly step into.

I wish to share with the whole world, and with those who support me, I will celebrate. And those who don’t support, can be like my family and love me anyway.

Y’all gonna be seeing tarot and spiritual sh*t all over my timelines from now on. This blog, facebook, instagram, WhatsApp,etc.
Because what we consume does indeed influence us, if you are not curious about non Christian related spiritual topics, and would want to avoid any potential influence from such resources, I’d suggest you unfollow me on the various platforms, do not watch my statuses/stories, or you can let me know so I add you to the list of those not to share to.
This shouldn’t be awkward, it’s cool and wise to protect one’s best interest.

And if you’d like a reading, well I’m giving free oracle card readings now so feel free to holla me 😜. All my readings so far have been like 80% accurate.

I’m coming out so that I don’t hide anymore.
I’m following my path, with or without others.

⏭️ Next post gonna be on what tarot is, how it works, why it’s helpful, etc.

I love you all so much. Love, peace and joy always ❤️✌🏿🥰.

6 Replies to “I Read Tarot Now🔮👁️❤️🌟”

  1. I used to think you are the ” I don’t care” type. Used to think that’s how things are so easy with you but no, you care, you care a lot and it shows in how this path you have taken and it’s effects on the people you care about is making you feel. I love you regardless, always will. This doesn’t make me scared of you because before this you loved me and I don’t think that has changed. It’s really takes lots of guts to walk the path you have chosen. Just stay safe, sending you and your family big big hugs.

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  2. A great post from an amazing explorer! Great admiration for you and your family. How exciting! I always see any change in direction as an addition onto what I have experienced and as expanded perspective. We are all, in so many ways, seeking the same affirmations and sense of wellness no matter what tools and beliefs we use. I love people’s beliefs when they are about compassion and self knowledge. I’m excited about this part of your journey and looking forward to your sharing’s. Be well and take care of you.

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