Beyoncé’s Black is King

I love it. I love it. I love it. 🤩🥳🥰❤️

Can’t count the number of times I’ve watched it now.

First time I watched it, saw it as a music video than a movie, enjoyed the pictures than the words of the songs. Wasn’t concerned with its message or paying attention to it.

Subsequently as I tried to put together the Lion King storyline with the movie, some became clearer.

Also watched some YouTube videos that explained the meaning of various aspects of the movie.

There’s only one part(granted it’s like the major theme) of the movie that I don’t like.

That’s the concept of black is king being only black is king. The idea of black supremacy and dominance over others, that’s what I disagree with. The concept of we are kings, is that we are all kings. All of us, black, white, yellow, brown, red, alien 👽, 😂.

But when you get over that, the movie has a very empowering message for everyone, especially to us blacks.

Black supremacy maybe is Beyoncé’s true stance or maybe it’s a necessary message at this point to empower us blacks, because truly most of us do think ourselves inferior to other races.

Personally it empowered me as a black woman.

“Keep dancing they can’t control you..”

“They’ll never take my power..”

“We never lose, we are winners..”

“They’ll never take my power..”

It made me feel strong and more beautiful than ever before.

Look at my natural I’m so exotic; darker the berry, sweeter the fruit..”

“There’s complexities in complexion, but your skin it glows like diamond..”

“When you are in the room they notice you, cos you are beautiful..yeah you beautiful..😍”

The movie also encourages a return to root, reconnection with spirits and ancestors. A reminder of who we are.

“Not just a spec in the universe, not just some lines in a Bible verse, you are the living word..”
“You are part of something way bigger..”

“King already, my baby you know it..”

Other lines about incense, crystals, locs all resonated with me personally.

Beyoncé has indeed done her part, no matter one’s opinion on the movie, against the message or not, if it’s able to get some black folks to believe in themselves, to reconnect and return to their life’s path, she’s done her part. And I appreciate her so much for it.

Just cos my natural is fucking beautiful 😍❤️

Happy weekend everyone, and a happy happy Valentine’s. Love you all so much, to the moon and back🥰😍🥳🤩❤️❣️😍🥳.

6 Replies to “Beyoncé’s Black is King”

  1. Any message that inspires people to love themselves as well as love others the same…I’m totally behind it ….And oh ….The lines and verses in the Bible are more powerful than any human motivational message(in my opinion) ….This is to say our words /voice carry power, it depends on how and what we choose to use it for …Good, blessing, encouragement, enlightenment,healing,peace,etc it’s our choice….

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  2. We are all kings and queens. We need to do whatever it takes to give the message that’s needed to dissolve the years of racism and prejudice that is so brutally conditioned into people. I think we just saw in the United States how easily people can pretend to change until an environment allows them to quit hiding. How bitter. This is a great post. I love your willingness to be open. But that’s really it isn’t it? That willingness to be who we are while remaining open to see ourselves clearly and change! Take care of you my friend.

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