Our True Selves Does Know

I’ve not had much zeal to write on here lately and that’s why I haven’t shared anything for some weeks now. Probably because I run out of topics lol.

Anyway this afternoon, something interesting came to my awareness and I thought to share.

We’ve all heard that we never cease learning, we never fully know, and that the moment we believe ourselves to know all, that’s when we stop learning.

This of course is very true, arrogance does not help us grow. The world is such a huge place and if we’ve(I) hardly mastered even a tiny conner of it, claiming we know all definitely leaves no room for growth, for more experiences, or for more knowing.

I’ve been trying to build my intuition more lately and learning to trust it. Part of this involves an affirmation of already knowing. That is, the me that lives within this body, the me that is an extension of source already knows everything.

Affirming this however to myself starts to sound pompous and base on the general teaching of never knowing (we know that we know nothing), it makes it sound like I’m undermining the very thing I’m trying to achieve, which is spiritual growth and development.

Not knowing is in this world. It is the burden and at the same time joy of this human plane. The confusion, the uncertainty. It’s why we all have different views and beliefs and none can proclaim theirs as the truth. It’s why we always have questions.

But my true self indeed does know.

It’s because our higher selves does know already, that’s why we are encouraged to trust our intuition. It is why we call it inner knowing. We already know, all of it. By being extensions of the divine source we couldn’t not know what we believe source to know. We were there from the (non existent) Beginning.

But knowing doesn’t mean one stops learning or experiencing. Learning doesn’t always preceed knowing. Sometimes we know without haven’t learned. Sometimes even though we know, we don’t learn, and keep repeating the same errors.

For example I know that living in the now is true living and the means to attaining inner peace and fulfilment.
But having that knowledge doesn’t mean I do that, it doesn’t mean I live in the moment always, and that’s where the need for learning comes in. Till I’m able to live in the moment always, I will have to continue learning how to do that, even if that will take a number of lifetimes.

When we look to the non physical, the spiritual for answers it’s because we believe there’s knowing there.
When we think there will be no more confusion in death, and in heaven all will be right, it’s because we know within that on the other side, there is true knowing.

So when I affirm to myself that my true self knows everything, I am stating a fact. Not deceiving myself, and not saying my ego self or the me that is one with my physical body knows everything that I could possibly know in a particular moment.
I affirming that I know doesn’t mean I do not need learning or that I will close myself off to learning.

If anything the more I believe my higher self knows, the more I’m made aware that there is so much more here that I need to learn and to know. Because I have that inner knowing that there is more, because I knew it before and still know.

We know we can never complete learning because we know on a deeper level that there is so much more.

This is more of a note to myself, telling myself I can trust my inner knowing without fearing that will halt my knowing in this space. I will appreciate any feedback and input from you on this topic as well.

Happy weekend people, and wish you a happy, healthy February.

Peace, love and joy always 😍✌🏿🥰❤️🥳

6 Replies to “Our True Selves Does Know”

  1. Now that’s a whole educational trip there. Learning doesn’t end though we trust a higher being or thought of knowledge. I’d like to listen more to my intuition too, it’s time I stop ignoring it. Beautifully written Ju boo.

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  2. Nice post! My way of viewing this is if I never do or learn another thing I am already complete. I can search but won’t find anything until I end the seeking. I guess the tricky part for me is that in order to come to the realization that I never had to go on the journey only to arrive home needs me to go on the journey to come to the realization. So it’s all good!!!! Be well and be kind to yourself. You deserve it.

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  3. Love the honesty and nuance in this contemplation.

    When we sense ourselves as one with the air, the relevance of knowing and learning fall away

    It is a body-mind habit that we are observing without being

    Everything is true, in an uncertain kind of way, until we are anchored into a moment where nothing is true

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