The Year Gaia Moved

2020 has been a year, no one can deny that. Though this year started with everyone only seeing how much of a disaster it promises to be, by the last quarter most people could see it for the beauty of it.

This has been the year of divine education and lessons. Almost everyone got a clear message from it.

It’s the year the earth decided to take a break, to give herself breathing space, to awaken those on it to the destruction they caused daily.

I love the start when wild animals were spotted roaming in cities, “yeah hoomans, we live here too you know.”

It’s the year that the fates took over. Whether you believe you control things or an external power does, this year all things were forced to a halt. Events planned years ahead got cancelled or postponed.

Our empathy for others also increased. When some of us want to share how great the year had been for us, we remember it wasn’t that great for many others who lost loved ones to it, we remember to share in their grief and hope our good fortunes cheer them up a little bit more.

Neighbors went out of their way to help each other not feel alone during the lockdowns. Tiktok, Zoom, and other platforms came up to bring us all together even in separation.

This year we learned to go with the flow. We learned to adapt. And we learned to hold on to hope even when it’s tough. We learned that “this too shall pass”.

This year due to Covid-19, I met an amazing person, had adventure like I never did before, got introduced to news things and concepts vital to my journey, made great new friends who shares and supports my new ideas.

In spite of the global economic hardship, abundance has been flowing all over. I receive my share of it daily, and I’ve seen people donate to others online when they ask for help, despite not having much themselves.

In 2020 Gaia moved, she expressed herself and made her stance, her fight was strong and brought many of our great ones down, but in the end she got her breathing space and we learned our lessons.

I am grateful for the year 2020, for all of it.

Merry Christmas🎄🥳 everyone, and a Happy New Year🎉🍾❤️.

Love, peace and joy always ❤️🥰😍😘🎈

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