Dragon Bats 🦇 & Shakers

My new treasures🤩

I’ve been feeling super bored of late, being indoors mostly. So last Thursday I decided to go to the Accra Post Office for a package which was supposed to be delivered to me 2months ago. And boy was I glad I did. Being out and walking in town felt sooo good🚶🏿‍♀️😎.

On my way I got stuck in traffic at 37, right under the trees that the bats have made their home. Lots of bats were flying around but a lot more were hanging on the trees. Being right under the trees, I could see them clearly. How a group of them bunch up together at a point and no one bat separated from a group, no lone bat 🌳🦇. How cute they were when climbing up the tree or scratching themselves, how beautiful their faces and underbellies are and how much they look like mini dragons when their wings are spread to soar. Bats are my new favorite animals 😍❤️.

My sister told me an interesting story, about how the bats had followed a Krobo Chief who was sick and sent to the 37 hospital. The chief died and therefore did not leave the hospital again, so the bats kept waiting for him, believing the chief is still in the hospital.
Seen as 37 is actually in the center of the city and not a cave, I’m putting this down as a maybe true tale lol.

At the post office I got one of my packages, they couldn’t find the other and promised to look for it. The Ghana Posts Service, though has improved, still sucks big time.

From there I decided to go to the Center for National Culture in Accra, first time to do so🥳🥳.
I was in such good mood already anticipating the experience and enjoying my walk. Was feeling so happy and bright. An older man was very exaggerative in his compliments on my looks…locs magnet🧲🤪. I’ve always attracted the attention of older guys, fancied myself a Lolita back in high school 🤣🤣.

Best thing ever, the first person to call me when I entered the cultural center I believe will be a friend for life. His name is Nii Attuquaye and even though I didn’t buy any of his wares(drums, handcrafts, African Masks,etc), he took me around to all the other stalls for me to get what I wanted and even saw me off afterwards. So glad I met him, a beautiful soul❤️.

Asalatɔ /Asalato

I bought Asalatɔ(Asalato), AKA African Shaker, a hand music instrument. Little history behind the name Asalatɔ, kind courtesy of my father.
Our grandparents used to grind dried tobacco leaves, mix with mint and keep it in the tiny gourds for portability. They snuff the content to get high. The content is known as Asala and because it was kept in the gourd, the tiny gourd got the name Asalatɔ, tɔ is gourd or bottle in Ga.
The music instrument Asalatɔ however does not have Asala in it, but beads or dried up seeds to give it the sound it makes when shaken.

Me, making noise with Asalatɔ🥁

Also bought some natural cowries for my locs🥳🎉. Bye bye fake Chinese plastic ones. Got 6 small ones, were actually cheaper than expected. But then the ones I got were old and dirty and wasn’t actually for sale.

Before wash on the left, right is after washing

Then I got me two new crystals. Got a prehnite and amethyst. Add my clear quartz and ma crystals gang is set🔮😎.
I had gone in there with the intention to buy a citrine quartz but the prehnite was more appealing to me physically and the pamphlet the man gave me about it said it’s for unconditional love, who doesn’t want that lol. Anyway when I got home and read more on it the more I like it, shamanism, divination, memory, intuition, lucid dreaming, oooh baaaby🤤.
The seller said I could pick one extra stone as a gift and so I took the amethyst. Thank you good man🙏🏿😁.

From there I went to Cantoment through Osu, and going through Osu I came to an awareness that we Gas are like the open minded group of Ghana, no offense to other groups. Saw many young men and women with different shades hair colors and styles and men wearing big ring earrings, things others won’t be so brave to do even if they wanted to. We are the ones not afraid to be us, yaaay to us🥳🎉.

On my way back home, I had a little interaction with a cat and a little girl. Beautiful moments 😍🐈👧🏽🥰.

When I got home, around 9:30pm, I cleansed everything I got and even what I had on me already by smudging with bay leaves.
The next morning I gave the cowries and stones a proper bath.
The stones got cleansed again under running water and the cowries got a baking soda soak to remove any last remaining dirt and also maybe whiten them.

When you get bored home, I say go out and do random stuffs. Just go out, somebody or something will sure make you feel better.

Click on Center for National Culture to see photos of what they’ve got there on Google map reviews and photos.
Below is a video of a professional Asalatɔ player, he’s really good. 🎉🥳😍

Happy weekend WordPress community. I love you all so much 😘❤️✌🏿🥰🥳😘

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