Appreciating Our Difference

This life of ours is so interesting and I love it all. The good, the bad, the messed up and the confusions. All that makes it so beautiful. So flawed, yet perfect.

I noticed something some months back. Another paradox of sort.

From my own experience and encounters with others, it seems that almost everyone feels different. We feel different within our circle, thinking everyone else is the same or understand each other except for us.
We feel alienated and hold on to anything that affirms this perception.
Whenever we have this feeling of being alien, we think the rest belong. Yet almost every single person feels this way or did at some point in time. It’s like we all feel alienated together, yet separately.

Then I noticed again that, the whole issue with not allowing people be themselves or respect other’s choices is because we want everyone else to be like us. When we are in a group where one doesn’t follow what the others do, it makes the others uncomfortable and they try to get the odd one to behave like the rest by criticising the difference.

Even when we respect others views and differences, we still wish they could be more like us. When we are practicing minimalism, we wish others will join us.
When we become ‘spiritual’, we wish our friends would too. The reason why we hang with people who share our views.

Then again almost everyone wants to be different. I find people not wanting to be normal like everyone else or enjoy being seen as different. We pride ourselves on our difference and enjoy standing out in a group. Some people even go to the extent of preventing others similar to them outside their group to join in, because then they will no longer be the diverse or unique individual. These same people however do wish others were more like them.

I am among those who though respect your choice, still wishes you’d be more like me. I hate waste of any kind. And what I consider wasteful, I wish others will see as such too. I wouldn’t pick a car to a distance I can walk, I see it as being lazy and waste of money. Forget that I’m one of the laziest asses ever and I do actually love walking(some don’t). I wish more people won’t complain that 15-20mins walk is too long.

However, this entire covid period, I’ve been feeding off a hobbie of someone which I would have considered wasteful myself. I’ve been attributing it to living with awareness of abundance. Not having to worry about money or anything because there’s abundance everywhere and so though I’ve not been working officially since March, I still manage to spend even more than I normally do.

The abundance flowing my way has been coming in the form of someone’s difference from mine. Had they been like myself, and considered what they are doing a waste, I wouldn’t be receiving abundance that way. If everyone were like me, lots of people would actually not be enjoying the benefits of these ‘wasteful’ acts. Those that pick a taxi or okada to the distances I’d walk, they are the abundance for the drivers that work these routes.

Yes I still see the things I think wasteful as wasteful, but it is only so from my view. I wouldn’t be so hard on myself though for when I want to indulge in some of these activities, nor try to convince someone who does them to give it up, knowing it all helps somehow.

(But please please🙏🏿 don’t waste food🍛, and reduce your plastic waste🗑️)

I’ve however become appreciative of the difference between me and others.

I’m actually grateful that not everyone is like me.
I’m grateful that our differences serves each other without us being aware of it.
So now not only can I respect others choices, but I can also stop wishing for others to be more like me.
Now I am glad for the difference.

There’s good reason why some people are warriors and some of us are peacemakers. A group of peacemakers alone will easily get kicked out by visiting Spartans. And a group of warriors alone will likely take themselves out or die early just like the Spartans.

Our difference is just the right amount of balance needed in our world. Our difference literally saves or make our lives better everyday. Let’s appreciate it and celebrate it.

I am happy to be waste-conscious.
I appreciate you being extravagant.

Happy weekend people.❤️😍🤩🥰✌🏿

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