Being a Peacemaker✌🏿❤️

I am a Peacemaker. I’ve always been and I’ve always known. I wasn’t surprised at all when my Enneagram test result showed up as type 9.
I did love sharing that with Jesus who is also regarded as a peacemaker by many, and laughed at the description that said we are like premature Buddhas 🤣🤣 because I was at that state of my life when I took the test.😂😂

Having and maintaining inner peace is very vital to my mental and spiritual well being. I’d do pretty much anything or give any reason so as to have peace.

I’ve never liked any uncomfortable situations or instances of conflict. As a result, I do tend to keep my ‘negative’ emotions within me. I am less likely to complain or speak out about something that someone did or do that bothers me.

I however do not keep these ‘bad’ emotions in me to pile up and boil over. Chances are within a short time period, I’d have found good reason to justify the person’s action which makes it easier for me to forgive and let go.

This I do by trying to look at things from the person’s perspective and try to understand why they may have done or said what they said, or guess at what their intentions were.

Sometimes when things really get to me, I react instantly. My displeasure or foul mood may be seen through my facial expression or tone of voice.
What happened here is that I felt attacked, got defensive and attacked back.

After such a reaction from me, I’d feel really terrible and very uneasy for having vent out or sounded harsh to someone. Or for simply having expressed a negative emotion out to someone.

From experience, keeping mute and dealing with these emotions within and on my own terms is a more appealing option than the alternative of coming out with such things due to the end results of both options for me. And this is just what works for me personally.

As a Peacemaker I always try to evaluate things from people’s perspective in a conflict. Imagine myself in their shoes. And usually I like to think I get them.
If the conflict is between myself and another, letting the issue go or seeing how I may have been at fault too is so much easier, because with understanding comes forgiveness.

When it’s a conflict between others, I try to get whichever side I am talking to to see from the other party’s side. This ends up with me seeming to be in opposition almost all the time to whoever I am talking to, appearing to them that I support the other party or simply want to argue.

I’ve recently also been made aware that as a peacemaker I’m likely an empath too. With the dictionary definition of empathy being understanding people’s situation but not sharing the feelings, then I am indeed an empath.

I do understand people when they go through something, but if it’s not an emotion such as joy, then I’d rather not share in their feelings with them.

I do not think of myself as a sensitive person and don’t really sympathize with others much.

My usual response to people’s situations is that it’s not a big deal, which to me truly is usually not.
I say this because while I get how a situation may seem a big deal to the one sharing with me, if we look at why the offender may have done so or even if they meant to offend at all, we’d realize it’s really just some kind of misunderstanding and can easily be let go off.
Sometimes I replace “it’s not a big deal” with “I understand” depending on how likely negative the former may affect the person.

I love to do things that pleases me. I also love or tend to please people. My personal paradox. Whereas I may appear selfish and only concerned about doing me, I please people a lot. Because I do care what people think or how my actions may make them feel. Of course there’s a line which I wouldn’t cross for others.

I like to be liked. I’ve only once heard of someone not liking me and I didn’t take that well 🙈lol. Sometimes I worry people think I do things just to be liked.

Though my actions may be with such motive, it’s also my natural reaction or state. I like to be nice to all people, including strangers and people who were not so nice to me. Being nice works for me, I always get along with everyone everywhere I go. And that’s what I want, to have peace with all.

I also have a way with people which makes them comfortable around me. Trusting that I wouldn’t judge them leads to them being open and free around me and that aids in us getting along.

The common fear for peacemakers is that they will one day burst from all that they keep suppressed inside.
Aside from my few moments of instantly reacting to a situation, I’ve not got to the bursting point yet, and I like to think I wouldn’t. But hey who knows 🤷🏿‍♀️?

I love being a peacemaker, it’s a trait that I’m proud of. And one that has proven useful to myself and to others.

This is my test results, having the majority traits in 9, 7, 5 and 2, lowest trait being 1, the perfectionist.

To know your Enneagram visit this site 👉🏿 for a free and quick test. You can also just read through all the 9 types so as to get a better understanding of the people around you.

Happy weekend and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Remember to keep the holiday kindness throughout the year. Lots of love, peace and joy. ✌🏿🥰😍❤️.

5 Replies to “Being a Peacemaker✌🏿❤️”

  1. Empathy seems to work well for empaths, it offers self protection. To know what others are experiencing and yet not engaging the emotional sector. Empaths are such a joy and needed in todays world. Take care of you.

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