Got An Aura Reading🥳🌈📖😍

One of the first things I fell in love with when I got exposed to the internet was astrology. I loved the daily horoscopes sent to my yahoo mail and made sure to read them all.

I loved reading the personality traits of a Gemini♊ and nodding to how it was mostly totally me.

I was the girl that took compatibility quizzes using only names and birth dates. Yes astrology did influence who I date.

As a zodiacs lover, you bet I was interested and curious about palm readings, fortune telling, and other psychic readings and predictions as well.

However none of these things were/is encouraged in our Christian dominant community. It’s hard to come across anyone who gives such readings. They don’t have little shops in street corners nor do they set up at festivals. The closest to a psychic one can find here will be a priest or priestess of a shrine, and we dare not approach a shrine.

There was/is also this strong believe that by visiting such people for readings, one is putting themselves under the evil source that the readers call on for their powers. This of course scared me enough to not go to a psychic even when I came across some in China.

Well guess who got an aura reading now that she’s over all the fears? Meeeeee🥳💃🏿.

Yes I got an aura reading some months ago and I totally loved it. Plus I can assure you that the reader or myself is not under any evil force or influence.

Before getting the reading, I didn’t think I needed it because I live in the now and care not for past or future events anymore. The future will unfold either way whether I know what to expect or not.

But I did enjoy the reading and it was nice that someone else other than oneself in that moment sees who you really are and brings it out. It’s like finally being seen by another for who you know yourself to truly be. I even became aware or got a better understanding of some things about myself.

I got my aura reading from a then new acquaintance, a friend of a trusted friend.
My reader, Ama Boakye is a lovely young woman with beautiful smiles and a big kind heart.

The reading was at 9am in the morning, at her place.
I sat opposite to her and she explained to me what we were going to do and how she will go about it.
She asked that I kept my eyes opened throughout while hers stays shut. She prayed and asked that I say my name as given to me at birth three times.

She started first with an image giving a general description of me as I was in that moment on my journey. Then she read a past life story that vibrates at the same frequency as my present life. There was so much in there that was me and of things I’ve known of myself since a kid. There were also things that I didn’t know but soon found out after asking my parents some questions.

Then she went through all seven chakras starting from the root chakra.
She first tells me the image she’s receiving at each chakra, then interprets the image and shares the messages coming through.
The entire session took about 1hr 15mins.
She ended the session by putting my aura or energies back in place and with a prayer.

During the reading, I was free to interrupt and ask questions at any point. There was nothing scary at all about the whole experience. The reading was very accurate, had no explicit future predictions and some information from it has proven useful to me months later. She also made an audio recording and sent to me afterwards, so I get to listen to the session any time I want.

Did I need the reading? Would my life have been any worse or better without it? Not really, no.
Did I love doing something I’ve wanted to experience and loved not having to be afraid of it? Absolutely.

I loved having someone use their divine gifts to assist my journey in whatever little way they could without having to associate them to darkness or scam.

If you are considering getting a reading, I highly recommend Ama Boakye. Her readings are donation based making it available for pretty much everyone. She gives readings in person(presently in Ghana) and through video calls.
She also does energy healing and cowry shell readings. To know more about her, follow her instagram on @ama.boa or visit her website👉🏿

Have a beautiful colorful weekend. Lots of love, peace and joy. 😍❤️✌🏿😁🥳

2 Replies to “Got An Aura Reading🥳🌈📖😍”

  1. I love this. It’s sad that people feel there belief is the only one and judge others on theirs. I welcome everyone’s belief if it leads them to be kind, caring, and compassionate people. What more could be asked? I am so happy for your enthusiasm and honor the person who did the readings. Be well my friend.

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