Relaxing In The Legon Gardens

This week I’ve been visiting the Legon Botanical Garden. Think I’d be visiting there a lot more and take Simba along sometimes.

The garden is vast and so green, with a beautiful lake.

I went there first on Tuesday with a friend and then again yesterday with another friend.

With my dear friend, Abigail🥰

On Tuesday, I had more active fun like going on the Canopy walkway and the rope course for kids😂😂, man that wasn’t easy, nope.

And even made some new friends 🥰

Yesterday though I got there a bit earlier and used the time waiting to indulge myself in some of my ‘weird’ activities.

I walked barefoot to ground myself and just because it’s so nice to😁
My crystal got a chance to chill and cleanse in the sun and on the earth
This buddy came over for a chat, it’s so beautiful 😍
Anthills are so popular within the gardens and this one with its garlands is like the Royal Palace of them all🏰
Ain’t this beautiful? 😍😍
Oh and I thought I’d never seen a giant cactus like this before only to find another on my way back home at a place I’ve passed like a zillion times.
In here is two different trees merged as one, with one hugging the other in a tight embrace, awww🥰
In all, hanging out in the garden was super chill🥳

I love the green of nature, the air and the sun. Being outdoors one must agree is more fun and most relaxing.

Take time to connect with nature. Because we are a part of it and it’s a part of us. And just like all other relationships, it’s so much better when we are together.

Happy weekend everyone. Thank you so much for always visiting my blog. I love you all so so much.🥰😍❤️✌🏾🥳

PS: We’ve got grand kitties😁. Our teenager Princessa is now a Queen🥳🥳.

13 Replies to “Relaxing In The Legon Gardens”

  1. Such a fun post. I love your hair!! Interesting outdoor things to see and do, the anthill in huge, never seen one that size. The merged trees, a miracle of nature, you grounding yourself.
    Seems you had lots of fun and I take joy from reading and seeing your pics.
    Enjoy and take us along on more adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

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