It’s Okay Not To Get It

It’s naggers btw

I have about 20 seasons of South Park and have repeated them more times than I can count.
In one of the episodes they made me understand why African Americans take offense to whites saying the ‘N’ word.

From my view of our country Ghana, no one really gave a hoot to the term Nigger. Where I grew up, we used the word to refer to someone trying to be cool or gangster. We called them Nigger X.
It’s from movies that I learned it’s not a ‘good’ word and whites aren’t allowed to say it.

I never learned about Negros in the classroom and when I did, it did not relate to me.

When Randy Marsh couldn’t stand being laughed at and being called nigger guy, because it was an embarrassing incident in his past he wanted to forget, I got it.

It was a term used to demean and linked to a terrible past, a past that if all can get over and forgive will require leaving behind all the negative reminders associated to it.

I can relate very much to wanting an embarrassing past to be left there in the past and not following me everywhere.
Like a silly nickname one picks up in highschool and just hopes to complete that stage of their life so they’d get over it, only to have old friends always bringing it up to new friends in one’s new life.

Of course I don’t get why blacks can and love to use it still. Maybe it’s like how it’s okay to make fun of oneself but not when others makes fun of us. Or as a way not to totally forget Black American history.

I know a number of people who take offense to being addressed as a black person. I totally don’t get that.

I also know people that have issues with calling Caucasians white because they are not actually white, but using the color to make themselves appear superior, victorious. To me the color white is not better than the color black.

I don’t get it when people get attacked in the name of cultural appropriation.

And I don’t get it when any one gender is deemed superior to other genders.

And now I know it’s okay that I don’t get it. I don’t have to get everyone to see from my point of view. They don’t get me either. And my view is not superior to theirs.

Just like how one should address people by whatever pronoun they prefer, one should not address someone who doesn’t like to be called black as black.
If someone doesn’t want you in particular to call them nigger, then you shouldn’t.

Simply we should respect the desires and views of others as we would want ours respected.

That being said, if I want to dress as an Indian woman, I will. I’m not claiming to be Indian because I’m wearing a saree. It’s because I see it as beautiful and admire Indian culture. I’m not stealing a culture to make it my own, if anything I’m copying. And there’s nothing wrong in copying what one admires. People should be happy when others imitate their cultures, it’s a way of spreading cultures.

We should try to not make things about us. If it’s not directly about you, like calling you by a word you do not like, or forcing you to dress a way you are uncomfortable with, then allow others have the kind of hairstyle they want.

So to all the things in life that I don’t get, I quote Stan Marsh and say, “I get it now, I don’t get it.”
Yeah I totally don’t get it and that’s totally okay.

PS: Who we really are has no color. If we switch bodies like Lil Dicky and Chris Brown did in Freaky Friday, we’d still be our old selves in the new bodies.
Enough already with this racism nonsense. It’s getting way too old.


Happy weekend everyone. 😍❤️✌🏾🤩🥰❤️

9 Replies to “It’s Okay Not To Get It”

  1. A timely post and needed. When I was a substance abuse therapist (a great job for a recovering person!) I had a client who was African american. He and I developed a caring and honest relationship. Somewhere along the line he started to refer to me as “My nigger” as a term of affection. The other staff seemed insulted about his reference. I don’t think they understood that is was a modern frame of reference that is totally different from the reference a “white” person would be using. It’ s a conscientious rephrasing of meaning and intent.
    I understand how fragile ego can be, but everything needs to be seen in it’s own light and we need to remember everything is not about ‘me”, it’s about how dependent we are on each other.

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  2. I agree with you 100%. I don’t understand how you could look at someone and say “oh,you have dark skin so I am definitely better than you”. It is ridiculous. Every country, every race, every religion has its good and its bad and then they all have the bunch of assholes that everyone would like to get rid of.

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  3. The most important that we people ignore is the fact that we’re all humans. Skin color doesn’t determine who’s human and who’s not. We should all learn to respect people. Someone doesn’t like to be addressed as something, very simple don’t address them as such That someone doesn’t like something, it doesn’t make them less than you. Amazing post.

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