My Dirty Little Secret

Been watching an interesting show on DGN every weekday at 11am. It’s juicy, it’s scandalous, it’s shocking, it’s dirty(only think it’s juicy😜).

My Dirty Little Secret is a crime documentary show focused on secrets that lead to the grave. I’m gonna share a number of the stories and then add what I’ve learned from it all.

Story One.
A pregnant woman and her son of 7 disappeared on the day she was to have a baby shower. No one knew who the father of the pregnancy was but her best friend. It’s an ex of hers whose recently married.
The guy called Steve denies the pregnancy is his and super afraid of his wife finding out about it. Pregnant ex gf insist it’s for him and threatens to tell his wife. Steve snaps and strangles her to death. Kills her son too to keep him quite. Steve gets sentenced to death. DNA proves baby was not his after all.

Story two
A well respected fire fighter is a crossdresser in the bedroom. Something that only comes up after marriage. His fourth wife, who he let believe was the second, could no longer take it and was planning to divorce him. From experience he knows if they divorce after 10years of marriage he’d have to give her half of his assets. Also his secret of being a crossdresser will come up in a divorce. So he kills her some months shot of their 10years anniversary. Unknown to him, his wife wrote a letter to her mum years ago mentioning the crossdressing. This fire fighter cannot stand anyone ever knowing about that, so he kills himself when he realized he couldn’t protect his secret after all.

Story 3
Two stories related to money. A husband hires someone to kill his wife because she was spending too much money, money they didn’t have, and he was very unwilling to become poor. So he gets rid of the person wasting his money and also gets richer from her life insurance.
A nurse injects her husband a paralysing drug while he slept and set their house on fire. Why? Because she wanted to quit her job and needed money for a comfortable life which her husband says he can’t provide. She gets richer through his life insurance as well.

And many more stories like these. The common theme in the secrets is always sex and money.

And this is what I learned from it all. That people should just be themselves. And people need to get over their fears. The fear of rejection, shame, embarrassment, the unknown, loss of reputation,etc.

About 90% of the stories had people killing their spouses because of the fear of people’s response to their secrets. Like the prayer warrior husband who was addicted to porn and solicitation of prostitutes.

About 80% of the secrets is because the persons are afraid to be themselves because society does not welcome ‘their kind’ and so they are leading double lives. Like the bisexual polygamist who is married the traditional way and still having all sorts of affairs outside the marriage, leading to him killing his wife to protect his secrets.

I mean would you rather someone who is gay pretend they are not, marry you, then still have such relations secretly?
Would you rather lead a double life than be in the life you prefer, maybe in it alone but peaceful?

And this is what I learned as a kid and it still stands. Lies multiply and no secret stays hidden forever. It will definitely come out.

In all of the cases on the show, in trying to protect the secrets they do the unimaginable and the secret still comes out. When it does, they don’t get punished because of the initial secrets, but because they murdered someone to protect it.

Like in story one above, Steve’s wife could probably forgive him for cheating and impregnating someone or not. But it would have just been that. Oh my husband cheated. So what’s new about that? But my husband is a murderer? That’s a whole different level. She’s definitely gonna leave him then.

Whenever your secrets catch up to you, and what you are considering doing will be creating more secrets and lies, just let it be. Let it come out, bring it out yourself even.
So people will talk, and pull away, and talk behind your back. After all that guess what, they’d get over it.

Don’t be the devil behind closed doors. Be the devil everyone knows about if being the devil is really who you are. And you’d be surprise to find some people love devils just as much.

So you are a sex addict, you are gay or Bi, you are a transgender, prefers polyamory, you are whatever your society tries to hide, be that. Work at that which needs to be worked on, any addiction isn’t the best of things.

Find others like you to hang with, marry people who know all of you and want to be with you. Don’t go force it unto someone who can’t stand it for long or who has no idea at all.
And if you still go ahead and force yourself unto someone unsuspecting, don’t kill them when after they find out, want to be themselves.

Pretending to be other than who you are will only last so long. It will catch up to you at some point. If you are confused, you should be patient and find yourself first. Everyone needs to find themselves before attaching on to another.

For those that did it because of money, I don’t have anything to say. Because I don’t understand it. I do not have such love for money and can’t even imagine it.
All I can say is that maybe if you are someone that attaches so much value to money or anything physical for that matter, you should probably reduce it a bit. Shouldn’t be to the point where you’d kill your partner because they are over spending money.

In all your dealings, let love lead. In as much as I believe there’s nothing wrong or evil, just mistakes and errors, I also believe that if we live in love, there are certain acts we will never do. Anytime your actions causes harm to yourself or another, know that love is lacking.

Thank you all for reading. Happy New Month and a love filled weekend 🎉❤️✌🏾🥰

17 Replies to “My Dirty Little Secret”

  1. Secrets, I believe some secrets should be taken to the grave because society isn’t ready for all of them. What makes me reconsider the above statement is when the said secret will have an effect on my life. If I suspect and ask you just trust me to understand because I knew it would be dirty yet I came asking. Beautifully written…Keep enjoying the TV show.

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    1. Exactly, if it’s making your life terrible, it’s not worth it. And if one can afford it, change community. We should also let people know us for our own forgiving qualities, so they’d be confident to open up to us, trusting that even if we hurt we will forgive. Thanks so much for the constant support hun, I love you 😍🥰

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  2. Some secrets can be shared audibly depending on the audience, I think. Others too, can be shared in a diary, your family will find it later 😜But in the end, do what is best.

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    1. Yeah it does get complicated, especially cos the detectives make a lot of assumptions with no proofs. Still interesting though. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Stay well too❤️✌🏾

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