🏆Blogger Recognition Award

I am grateful to Arshia Vora for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Arshia gives inspirational messages on her blog through poems and more.


1. Write a post to show your award, thanking and linking the blogger who nominated you.
2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
4. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.
5. Comment (or pingback) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them, and provide a link to the post you’ve created.


The blog site True Self was created in July, 2019. The title true self came to me more from a point of being fully myself without a care for the views of others. An encouragement to be the badasses the we are.

I had started a journey then, I was aware that I was starting a new chapter but it wasn’t till later that I realized I’d just gone on a self discovery journey, and the title started to mean way more than it did in the start.

It started with my opinions on topics I was passionate about and soon got taken over by the new lessons I had come across in my journey.

With no intention of making money from blogging, I’m grateful for the pace of the site and all the awesome people that continue to visit and appreciate its content.


I’m only reiterating the advices Arshia mentioned in her nomination post because I fully agree with them. Here goes…

Tags are really important. Have at least 10 relevant tags on each of your posts so people interested in posts like yours can see it.

Most of the viewers and followers on my page now got here thanks to tags.

Really interact with the WordPress Community– It’s a beautiful place and everyone is simply brimming with tips, feedback and ways to grow. Usually those you visit will return the favor.

I visit the reader section very often to read the works of those I follow and in discover even when I won’t be posting anything myself. Some posts can literally change your day


I nominate all bloggers that I follow and are interested to participate in this activity. You are all really great writers and full of positivity. It’s an awesome way to reminisce how it all started and I hope as many of you as possible would join in this and spread the love.

A great thanks once more to Arshia Vora for the nomination. God bless you dear.

All persons living alone during this period should remember that they are never alone.

Peace, love and joy to all.❤️✌🏾😍🥰

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