Is it LOVE or FEAR

Love is greater than fear. Love is, fear is not.

Always choose love

Love and fear is the base of all our thoughts, actions, words, choices,etc.

In all you do, ask first whether it’s from love or fear.

Do not confuse fear for love.

Staying in an abusive relationship is more likely to be out of fear of being alone than love.

True love has no fears

There’s no punishment in love, as love sees no error
Remember this always and choose love
Believe it or not, lots of people fear love
Life without love is merely existing, not living

The opposite of love is fear, whenever you are afraid, let it be a reminder love is not full. If you love love, that will be enough to get over the fear.

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Thank you for reading, and be fearless always.❤️😍😘✌🏾🥰