Free of Fear and Judgement

In all my learnings and experiences on this journey of self discovery, there are two attributes that calls to me most. If I’m unable to express completely all that I’ve come to know or I let them go at some point, I pray these two never departs from me.

The true self is free of fear and judgement. This is our true self simply defined. Even if you think self discovery and spirituality talk is a lot of bullcrap, just give these two a try. Make the effort to rid yourself of fear and judgement.

Fear undermines love. It is an illusion. It keeps us from giving and receiving. Fear makes us think of ourselves as vulnerable. It limits potentials and keeps us from wanting to know ourselves. From knowing what we are really capable off. Fear of the unknown is maybe the most common fear, and the one we need to let go off the most. Embracing the unknown is what brings growth to us.

Judgement is the labeling of things or situations with contrasting words. Where one is good and the other is evil. God did not create judgement, and did not want us to be able to do so.

From the Bible story of Adam and Eve, these two were naked. There was nothing wrong with being naked. They didn’t care about it. Till they ate the fruit, the knowledge of good and evil. Suddenly being naked was bad. God did not want them to eat that fruit, God didn’t plan for us to be able to distinguish between good and evil. He didn’t wish for there to be any labeling at all.

So many times in the Bible, we are encouraged not to judge. Do not judge so you won’t be judged. Thinking God Himself wouldn’t do to us something He didn’t want us to do in the first place.

Being free of fear makes me so happy every day. It’s brought to me so much peace. I feel like there’s nothing I cannot do. Including animal communication, though my kitty refuses to talk to me😂.

I still have to remind myself most times on not labeling things. Like telling myself that obviously terrible smell is not bad, and that I am the one tagging it as so. But it works every time I remind myself of that, the situation just gets a lot easier.

Being free of fear and judgement encourages acceptance of things as they are. Acceptance is key to a peaceful living. And peace, joy and love is all that I seek and have found.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful weekend.❤️🥰✌🏾😍🕊️